SG902 UHF Professional Wireless Headset Microphone/Guitar System


If you want to buy more than two wireless microphones and you are to use them together, please choose those products that frequencies are different.


1. Comprehensive performance

Carrier Frequency:                        UHF500-580M<HZ
Frequency Stabilization                 Less than +- 30ppm
Dynamic Range:                           More Than 90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:            Less Than 0.5%
Frequency Response:                    40Hz-15Khz+- 3dB
Audio Output Level: Separate Type: 0--+-400mV; Mix Type: 0--+-200mV

2. Fixed Receiver

Power Supply:                                DC 17V
Consume Power:                            4 Water
Signal/Noise Ratio:                        More Than 90dB
Image & Spurious Rejection:         More Than 80dB
Border Upon Channel Rejection:   More Than 80dB
Receiving Sensitivity:                    Less Than 10dBuV(SINAD=30dB)
De-Emphasis:                                 50us 


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